TitanMedia T.I. - San Francisco - David Seidel, AIA Architect
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Allowing daylight into the building greatly improves mood, productivity and reduces energy cost when overhead lights can be turned off. The West wall had the original industrial iron frame windows that were in good repair but needed a costly glass replacement with insulated glazing units. The existing shallow frames could not be retrofitted with double-pane glazing. The solution was to install sheets of frosted insulated polycarbonate sheets, typically used in greenhouse construction, over the existing windows. This economically addressed fašade issues of glare, privacy, heat/cold and noise isolation. In addition, the tall truss spaces above the drywall / tempered glass partitions were filled in with frosted insulated polycarbonate panels. Four existing skylights were fitted with new curbs and new fixed polycarbonate bubbles. In the tenant area, three all-new skylights were installed.