Soundproofing for D-I-Y - W. David Seidel, AIA Architect
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Need Soundproofing?
I am a licensed architect with a lot of experience in acoustics and soundproofing. I can help you with improving the acoustics and the soundproofing of these and similar spaces:
Project Studio
Tracking Room
Home Theater
Rehearsal Room
Video Game Room
Exercise/Yoga Room
Law Office
Healthcare Office (HIPAA)
Kid’s Room
Meditation Room
Image shows a soundrated floor/ceiling assembly. For almost a decade now, the building code requires a minimum isolation from footfall impact noise. This is good thing, however, the minimum falls far short of most condominium owner’s expectations. Most condos are in litigation and most of that litigation has something to do with hearing the neighbors.
I contacted David about some plans for a small rehearsal studio I planned to build in my garage.

David spent a few hours with myself and my builder/friend explaining the most effective and cost-efficient means of isolating my room to keep the noise from traveling outside the walls.

He provided us with illustrations of all the critical elements and made recommendations for materials. He was patient and in deference to my struggling musician status, very reasonably priced.

All in all it was a great experience and the room turned out great. The main objective was to keep neighbors from hearing me try to be a guitar god and with David's help we succeeded (in keeping the noise isolated that is).

-Vince C. on yelp