Kitchen Remodel, Inner Richmond, San Francisco - W. David Seidel, AIA Architect
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The floor tiles were cut to size and laid in a herringbone design. The owner originally wanted wood flooring to ensure continuity between all the rooms, but finding a match was impossible so ceramic tiles in a complementary color to the wood flooring were chosen. The herringbone was intended to emulate period wood floors – and also to repeat the zigzag pattern in the family room rug.

The quartz countertop edge profile is a reverse bevel, sometimes called a sharknose edge. It gives the appearance of a razor thin edge, which is the latest trend in countertops, but doesn’t require a special cabinet.

The old kitchen pivot door and a recessed ironing board were removed and the door trim repaired to allow better flow between kitchen, dining and family rooms.
W. David Seidel, AIA
Owner & Designer:
Lucy McLintic
General Contractor:
Brad Doran, dcd
Chris Gaede Photography